How To Use Call Tracking Analytics To Retain Customers

Analytics is an amazing tool for businesses that are looking to effectively convert their audience insights into added value for their customers and/or potential customers. In effect, it plays a crucial role in customer acquisition, growth, and retention through the improvement of customer interaction and realization of value from customer sentiment.

The Role of Analytics in Customer Retention

Analytics helps your business to identify the right customers for your business, as well as the customers that may be weighing your business down. One of the best ways to

Will Facebook Go The Way of Myspace?

Remember MySpace? At one point in time it was THE place to be. Now, however, the site is pretty much dead. By knowing what killed it slowly but surely everyday until the mass exodus took place will give you a little insight as to whether or not Facebook is going to end up the same way. We’re going to go over some of the specific reasons that

The Most Popular Social Sites in Other Countries

Americans tend to think of social networking from a personal perspective, likely in simple terms of Facebook and Twitter and maybe even Pinterest. In reality, though, there are dozens of flourishing social networks across the globe, some of which U.S. residents have never even heard of. Social media is truly a global concept.

Here’s a quick look at some of the most popular social sites in countries other than the U.S. used by millions upon millions of people.


Orkut logo You may have never heard of Orkut, but everyone in Brazil has. With over 33,000,000 active and unique users, Orkut is Brazil’s number one social networking site. In fact, almost 60% of Orkut traffic originates in Brazil and the company (originally a branch of Google) was recently relocated from California to the Brazilian city of Belo Horizonte. Orkut is similar to Google+ in that users separate each other into groups and

10 Popular Twitter Plug-ins for Your WordPress Blog

Those who have tried know how difficult it is to find Twitter plug-ins for WordPress. The problem is that even if you manage to find a few, they take a lot of space and don’t add enough value to your blog. In case you have been searching for some useful Twitter plug-ins, here is a list that will help you make a right choice.

1 – Tweet, Like, Google +1 and Share

This plug-in comes with five different icons that you can easily add to your blog. By using this particular plug-in, it becomes possible for you to add widget from Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter. People can come to your site, read your content and share it using the icons on different social media sites.

2 – IntenseDebate Comments

To make people write and comment on your content in your ‘blog comment’ section, you can make use of this particular plug-in. It is a useful plug-in for those who conduct a

5 Quick Tips to Boost Your Linkedin Visibility

Living in the age of social media means you aren’t somebody until you can be found on professional sites such as LinkedIn. However, with more professionals and businesses creating an account on this social networking site, it’s becoming more difficult to get found by potential employers or customers.

So, what can you do to increase your chances of getting found on the most powerful and popular professional network? You can start by optimizing your account correctly which will give you a leg up in using LinkedIn to find jobs, customers and more. In fact, optimizing your account needs to be a priority as it’s what can take your profile views to

Facebook Appeals to its Users with More Updates

Facebook is expected to launch a new feature in the near future that will allow users to “share” photo albums. Using this feature, the creator of a photo album can allow up to 50 users to contribute to an album. Previously, Facebook had restricted the control over a photo album to its creator alone. This makes the experience of sharing photos more social than it was before, and it also allows for a more streamlined photo browsing experience. For example, photos of a given event, such as a vacation trip or a wedding, can all be combined into a single photo album for everyone to contribute photos to. This is much better than the previous system, in which each user who had taken pictures at the event would have to create his or her own photo album. This system is also beneficial because it increases the exposure of photos from each

5 Useful Tools To Improve Your Instagram Marketing

Instagram is the most popular social pictures community with an estimated user base of more than 100 million members. With its huge audience, Instagram is becoming a major asset for companies to reach their target audience. If your business isn’t already on Instagram, it is the right time for you to jump ship and create an account.

Unlike other social media sites, the marketing success of Instagram solely depends on the quality of pictures you’re posting in the network. By posting good quality pictures which are eye catching, you can get a huge number of following which will ultimately help to get better results for your business. In this article, I am sharing the 5 useful tools you can use to increase your following, get them engaged and get better results with your

LinkedIn Introduces Company Page Analytics and Sponsored Updates

While the audience is diverse in terms of demographic makeup, LinkedIn primarily caters to a single target market: goals-oriented members who are using the site to meet professional needs. As long as the company continues to provide tools that enable this group of users to thrive, it will forever have a cozy position in the competitive social space. So far so good, and LinkedIn is back at it again with a feature that will surely pique the interest of its most dedicated users.

LinkedIn has rolled out Company Page Analytics. The new tool offers instant value by allowing you to easily track engagement levels across your page. Businesses, especially, should find the feature very useful as the data it provides addresses many of

5 Tips To Effectively Optimize Your Google + Places Listing

A good Google Places listing can help you get easy traffic to your site. If you are wondering why optimizing your Google+ Places is important, then the answer is simple. Approximately a third of every search is based on location and Google Places makes it very easy to obtain a page one listing.

For example if you are a Real Estate Display Home with multiple sales offices or a retail boutique with multiple outlets, Google Places is an excellent channel to use.

Here is a look at 5 tips to effectively optimize your Google+ places listing.

1. Contact Details on Your Site

The first tip for an effectual Google places optimization is making sure that you have a

Why Promoted Posts Are Better Than Facebook Ads

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that promoted posts on Facebook are better than Facebook ads that appear on Facebook. There are a lot of pros and cons to both forms of advertising, yet promoted posts come out on top. Let’s explore why.

First and foremost, the reason that promoted posts are better than Facebook ads on Facebook is the number of people you can get to click on your post. The reality is, many people don’t even see the ads on the side of the Facebook page. They have become

6 Successful Podcasting Tips To Embellish Your Social Media Efforts

We have always believed that content is the king. There have been constant efforts being made by everyone to ensure their websites have exceptional content. Well, content doesn’t necessarily mean text. It could also stretch up to the other ways we have been using to communicate to the audience, like videos, podcasts and graphical representations.

The most recent technique that is being used these days is to transcript videos to make articles. However, if you want some more artistic and creative input to bring more life to your text, you might want to consider using podcasting as a tool. So, what are podcasts? Well, these are nothing but digital multimedia files that are uploaded on the for the user to

How Google+ Makes an Impact on Search Engine Optimization

Google+ is actually one of quite a few of Google’s attempts to break into the social media circuit. After a few failed attempts, they have finally found a winner. It stands no chance of competing with Facebook (at least not in the foreseeable future), but is still popular enough to enable you to grab a few SEO benefits from it. It is possible to use Google+ to help you get a little bit higher in the search engine results pages.

Google will follow some of your profile links

If you add a bunch of links onto your Google+ pages then Google may pay them a passing interest, but if you can connect a link to your Google+ profile, then the more popular your profile becomes then the more attention Google will pay to your connected
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